We received a phone call this morning from a freight company, letting us know they had a delivery for us. We were most excited as a HGV pulled into the courtyard outside Robert Blackburn, containing our package. It looked a little lonely being one of the two (rather small) remaining items in the behemoth of a delivery vehicle! Servers on the pallet The delivery driver was kind enough to wheel the pallet all the way up to the Freeside Office, where we began to tear into it!

The package contained our order of 15 Dell Poweredge 1950s we had ordered from eBay, raising funds from the Freeside members. These machines combined come in at 60 cores and 240Gb RAM. A welcome addition to our Cluster! We look forward to unpacking them, installing hard drives, and getting them online! All unpacked and ready to go

Stay tuned for more server-related fun!