This page serves as a reference as to what accounts Freeside owns and how to transfer ownership of the accounts.


Discord is fairly easy, we would just pass ownership to whoever we decide to trust with it. Here is a guide on that.


We simply give the new Admins permissions in the admin panel.


Owner can be transfed though the admin panel.


Iā€™m not sure how gitlab works, someone else will have to figure this out.

Gsuite (Gmail), Elasticemail, Root passwords, Twitter etc

The follow Admin passwords will be able to obtain that from Systems Team (Andy Hancock), contact through ICTD Helpdesk (

Freeside Accounts

(All unless stated use the email) |Account|Username|Notes| |ā€”|ā€”|ā€”| |Twitter | FreesideHull| |Gsuite|| |IFTTT| freesidehull| |ElasticEmail|| |StatusCake||