In the unlikely situtation you need access to the Virtual Machines directly for the purposes of manually rebooting a machine or needing to reinstall/install a new VM you can use the vSphere client, The Vsphere client requires flash so you must use Chome or Chromium to access it as Firefox no longer supports Flash. Future versions of vSphere Client will use HTML5.

Whilst connected to the Universities network connect to the VMware vSphere client here:

Sign In with your username with adir\ in front of it. For example adir\505618

To View the Freeside VMs in the sidebar on the left go to

-VMs and Templates 
       - DCS/Production/Freeside

Request Acess to Freeside VMs:

Access is granted to Freeside VMs, by Systems Team (Andy Hancock), contact through ICTD Helpdesk (

Useful Resources SDK for VMWare Lots of useful scripts, Highly recommend instead of using the crappy VSphere UI