This section is for a general disclaimer as to why we use certain third party proprietary services.


Elastic Email - For sending email because google doesn’t like you sending automated emails, Elastic Email is free for 150,000 emails per month which Freeside will (should) never hit. Google Apps/G-Suite - Because we have an account from back when google apps was free, this just works and there is no reason to change as there are very few providors that offer free custom domain email accounts.

Why don’t we host our own email server? It’s difficult for a number of reasons and do you really trust other students to host your emails?


Discord - Because everyone else uses it and it’s easy to use. No good Open Source alternatives and trying to move everyone to an open platform would be near impossible.

Why don’t we host our own IRC anymore? IRC is too much effort to maintain when very few people would actually use it. If CLI clients are your thing then there are a few third party CLI clients but be warned these are against Discords terms of service and we will not be held responsible if your account gets banned!

If there is enough demand in the future a Freenode channel could be made with a bridge between discord and IRC.


Github - Github is very reputable in the Open Source community. Contribuition to Freeside are logged publicly, a great way to make your Github profile look more appealing to future employers.